Georghes Aperghis – Quatre pièces fébriles   for piano and marimbaphone (1995)
Mauricio Kagel – Ludwig van, hommage an Beethoven (1970)
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata op.53, primo movimento   for piano (1805)
Mauro Montalbetti – Crisalide d’aria   for clarinet and piano
György Kurtág – Hommage à R. Sch.   for clarinet, viola and piano (1990)
Paolo Casiraghi   clarinet
Paolo Fumagalli   viola
Luca Ieracitano   piano
Simone Beneventi   percussions

Piano solo:
Les Adieux (in Janaceks Manier), Adoration, adoration, Accursed DesolatioA voice in the distance, Grass blades in memory of Klara Martin, Like the flowers in the fields, Play with Infinity, Perpetuum Mobile.
Small piano:
A flower for Marta, Un brin de bruyère, Ligatura for Ligeti, Hommage à Bereny Ferenc – Silenzioso come in sogno, Consolazione serena, Flowers we are, Ligature dolce
Ljuba Moiz  

Four hands piano and small piano:
Bach/Kurtág, Sonatina From “Actus Tragicus”, Gottes Zeit Ist Die Allerbeste Zeit (BWV 106)
Ljuba Moiz e Luca Ieracitano   four hands piano