mdi ensemble presents Sébastien Roux & Ensemble Dedalus

“Inevitable Music #5”
Spoken translations of the wall drownings by Sol Lewitt

“I always thought to Sol Lewitt as a musician” Alvin Lucier.

From 2010 Sébastien Roux is working on the concept of musical translation, that means to use a work already exsisting as score. This method gave rise to Quatuor, electro-acustic music based on the 10th quartet by L. V. Beethoven, Nouvelle, radio composition based on La Légende de St. Julien l’Hospitalier by Gustave Flaubert and Inevitable Music, electronic music based on the wall drownings by Sol Lewitt.

Inevitable music #5, composed for Dedalus ensemble is the first instrumental work of this series. The score has been made in a close collaboration with the seven musicians during their residences in Villa Medici in Rome, where Sébastien Roux is artist in residence 2015-2016.

Ensemble Dedalus:

Didier Aschour electric guitar
Cyprien Busolini viola
Laurent Bruttin clarinet
Dafne Vicente Sandoval bassoon
Christian Pruvost trumpet
Sivlia Tarozzi violin
Deborah Walker cello

Sébastien Roux composing, electronics

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